Business system value creationAnticipate your next competitive strategyCustomer trends in the new normal
“Business system value creation” is a diagnostic to increase your organisational performance with an overview of the business landscape since Covid-19.  It helps leaders develop competencies to identify areas that require greater efficiency that positively impacts organisational results against a slowing economic environment.  This program focuses on two areas of development:-

Reflection framework
Understanding various thinking and acting horizons that your organisations may be at eg. reimagination, reform, gives you a framework to work from within, particularly in the Covid-19 context.  Knowing your exact position is crucial to shape your future with.
As you learn to differentiate between assumptions from facts, you will learn to foresee the kind of options available for the future of your organisation

Create continual value in business system
Understanding ways to continually create value for your product or service offerings and configuring your activity system as part of service excellence, is key to stay competitive.  Anticipate changes required from disruption caused, before your customer can identify them.
“Anticipate your next competitive strategy” is a fact based approach to assess your industry dynamics and recraft your competitive strategies with. Knowing these current dynamics will help you foresee the future to tailor your strategies and profit from these changes. This program focuses on two areas of development:-

Industry Analysis
Understanding directional changes in your industry will enable you to better identify market certainties. Systematically identify new entrants to the industry, how your current competitors have changed their game, how players have exploited this pandemic situation, and determine the implications on your individual business; all help build perspectives of your own business position in the industry.

Competitive strategies
Connect your understanding of industry dynamics and implications to your business, to strategies that give you an advantage. With innovative thinking tweak your cost/ differentiation/ niche strategies eg. provide greater benefits and services without increasing prices. Or consider switching strategies altogether eg. niche focus to provide only clearly different products from competitors that serve a smaller but defined segment.
“Customer trends in the new normal” is a broad view of changing customer behaviours and expectations since the onset of Covid-19, that can help you anticipate your own customer needs. To create the best customer experience, you must leverage on new behaviours and expectations that could improve satisfaction levels if not delight them.

Current trends
Digital excellence, safe and contactless engagement and dynamic customer insights will define customer experience in this current and post-pandemic era. It is a contactless end-to-end journey with thoughtful human touches and which emphasises safety that will sustain beyond this pandemic.

Customer expectations
Customer expectations are pretrial beliefs about a product that serves as standards or reference points against which product performance is judged. Customer expectations is viewed through the lenses of the characteristics of service, customer satisfaction, perceived quality, ‘Moments of Truth’ and consumer journey.
Knowing how customers ‘tick’ gives you the edge to predict their future unmet needs and satisfaction levels.

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